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Celebrating Being
Authentically YOU

Take Some "Me Time"

Luxury Scented Candle

Me Time

A celebration of solitude, artistry, and cultural richness. This candle isn't just an item of luxury; it's a multisensory experience that transports you to a state of peaceful introspection. This is your reminder of the precious moments of solitude we all deserve and basking in the ambiance of You!

Me Time

Image by Sheldon

Taking Time for You

Find a moment of pure relaxation and indulgence with our Me Time Luxury Candle. Our luxury scented candles are known for their high quality fragrances and artistry painted vessels. Each candle is curated to fit any decor and created with utmost care. Take this candle with you wherever you go and experience the ultimate relaxation and tranquility.


Art & Luxury

Me Time artistry design by Arnett Hays

Our journey begins with a partnership between Sakina Tribe and talented artists of varying backgrounds, talents and voices, drawing on their cultural heritage and personal expression. Each artist designs a unique, handpainted vessel that embodies their story or element of their culture, setting the foundation for our candles' distinct identity.

01   Artistic Collaboration

Next, we carefully select and blend premium fragrances to complement the artists' work, creating a harmonious sensory experience. This step involves a meticulous process of fragrance building, leveraging Sakina's expertise in mental health and well-being to choose scents that promote tranquility and relaxation.

02   Scent Curation

Finally, our candles are hand-poured with precision, ensuring the highest quality. We use sustainable, high-grade wax and natural wicks to guarantee a clean, even burn. Each candle is a testament to craftsmanship, from the detailed artistry of the vessel to the serene ambiance it creates.

03   Handcrafted Perfection

"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Front View
"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Back View
"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Front View
"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Back View
"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Back View
"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Front View

Luxury artistry vessels & Scented Candles

Me Time Candles

Me Time - Luxury Scented candle

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