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Luxury Sakina Tribe Candle

Brand Mission

Every flame is a passport to serenity and a celebration of diverse artistry

Discover Sakina Tribe Candles, where our dedication goes beyond just lighting up a room. Each flame we craft is designed to ignite a journey to tranquility. Delve deep into a sensory experience uniquely woven with rich cultural essences and the brilliance of diverse artistry. In collaboration with culturally influenced creators, every hand-painted vessel becomes a testament to talent and tales from across the globe. Our commitment is to awaken your senses, infusing every space with serene energy, one candle at a time.

Spa bath relaxation with Sakina Tribe Candle
Sakina Tribe luxury candles
Candle relaxation in milk bath

Our Values

Sakina Tribe Candles

We blend global cultures with the artistry of culturally-inspired creators. Our values emphasize artistic teamwork, sensory discovery, eco-friendly crafting, and uplifting experiences, all aiming to bring serene energy and genuine cultural vibes to every space.


Artistic Fusion: Partnering with culturally-inspired artists, we blend diverse talents and stories, creating candles that are as much art pieces as they are sensory delights.

Sensory Awakening: Every scent and design is meticulously curated to ensure a genuine and immersive cultural experience.

Eco-conscious Crafting: Using organic ingredients, we ensure our candles are both a tribute to global traditions and kind to the planet.

Empowering Flames: Through the simple act of lighting a candle, we aim to uplift voices, showcase art, and take you on a journey of serene energy and understanding.

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