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Sakina Tribe Candles

Our candles are created for people who seek relaxation, self-love, and appreciate the world around them. Because of their busy schedule, they seek short escapes and staycations that will give them the benefits of short serene escapes. We know what it is like to have busy lives, with few chances to find peace. 


To accomplish this we offer two (2) design types: Luxury Vessels and Artistry Vessles.


Artistry Vessels: High-quality candles dedicated to introducing ethnically diverse artists' and also infusing elements of nature expressing their journeys to finding solace, joy, and beauty in their worlds. 

Luxury scented candles: A crafted journey, blending unique, artisanal scents that stand out on their own but also pair with the artistry vessels introducing vibrant expressions of color, illuminating your space with peace, diversity, and well-being. 

Luxury Candles for spirit and self

All Natural - Ethically Sourced-
Vegan Friendly 

Your peace of mind

Your space and tranquility

Your joy found at home

Sakina Tribe Feeling Myself Candle

From Canvas to Candle


Art & Luxury

Me Time artistry design by Arnett Hays

Our journey begins with a partnership between Sakina Tribe and talented artists of color, who draw on their cultural heritage and personal expression. Each artist designs a unique, handpainted vessel that embodies a story or element of their culture, setting the foundation for our candles' distinct identity.

01   Artistic Collaboration

Next, we carefully select and blend premium fragrances to complement the artists' work, creating a harmonious sensory experience. This step involves a meticulous process of fragrance building, leveraging Sakina's expertise in mental health and well-being to choose scents that promote tranquility and relaxation.

02   Scent Curation

Finally, our candles are hand-poured with precision, ensuring the highest quality. We use sustainable, high-grade wax and natural wicks to guarantee a clean, even burn. Each candle is a testament to craftsmanship, from the detailed artistry of the vessel to the serene ambiance it creates.

03   Handcrafted Perfection

"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Front View
"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Back View
"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Front View
"Benin" a Me Time artistry Candle - Back View

Me Time

Me Time


Our Mission

At Sakina Tribe, our mission is to immerse you in tranquility and welcome you into our tribe of self-care seekers and cultural enthusiasts. Offering a curated selection of luxury and limited edition artisanal candles, our eco-conscious approach marries organic, sustainably sourced ingredients with unique, hand-painted vessels created by artists from diverse backgrounds.

Sakina Tribe is more than a brand; it's a journey to elevate your senses, celebrate cultural diversity, and embrace eco-friendly practices. Join us in our pursuit of serenity, where each candle is a step towards a more peaceful, connected, and beautifully diverse world.

Open Roads

Open Roads Candle Line

A Journey to Freedom and Connection

Open Roads - exploring the outdoors - waterfall view
Open Roads - exploring the outdoors - forest view
Get Away Bliss
Father and son enjoying the open roads on vacation


Get Away Bliss - Bahama Village, Key West, Fl
Friends and sisters on vacation. A get away to find peace and tranquility.
Finding time to be oneself with those close to you

Woodline Whispers

Rediscover serenity with our Woodline Whispers' soothing woody notes, rosemary sprigs and notes of vanilla.

Get Away Bliss

Evoke tranquility and peace with 'Get Away Bliss' - Seashells connecting us to the present and the past. 

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Sakina Tribe welcomes you

I'm obsessed! The smell is sooo good!


I love the Getaway Bliss Candle! The scent also works wonders to lift my mood. 


These candles are really good. When I sit it on the shelf, I can smell it even when not lit.  I use them to set a vibe. Let me know when the art vessels drop.


We Hear Your Love

"Me Time" 

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