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Artisitry Candle Line

Sakina Tribe Candles blend art, culture, and luxury into a unique self-care experience. Each candle features a hand painted vessel by artists from diverse backgrounds, paired with scents curated for tranquility and relaxation. Our limited-edition candles offer a gateway to global cultures and artisanal luxury, designed for the busy and culturally curious seeking moments of peace. Join our community as a Tribe Member for exclusive access to this sensory journey.

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Welcome to Sakina Tribe Candles

Where Peace Meets Artistry and our Luxury candles are for spirit and self

Embrace Tranquility with Sakina Tribe

At Sakina Tribe Candles, we believe in the power of peace and tranquility to transform your self-care routine. "Sakina," meaning peace, is not just our name; it's the essence of our brand and the vision of our founder. Our mission is to bring you a unique blend of luxury, culture, and relaxation, crafted to uplift your spirits and soothe your mind.

Our Tribe Members: The Heart of Our Community

Join our community of discerning individuals who value self-care, cultural richness, and artisanal luxury. As a Tribe Member, you're part of an exclusive group that appreciates the finer things in life and the depth of diverse cultures. Whether you're coming from Facebook, Google, or Instagram, welcome to a world where every candle tells a story.

Why Choose Sakina Tribe?

Cultural Artistry in Every Candle: Each of our handpainted vessels is a masterpiece, designed by artists from racialized and underrepresented groups. Drawing from their cultural roots and personal expression, these vessels are symbols of what self-care means across the globe.

Curated Scents for Deep Relaxation: Leveraging years of expertise in mental health care, spiritual practice, fragrance crafting, and candle making, our founder, Sakina, meticulously selects scents that harmonize with the artists' expressions, setting the perfect mood for relaxation and luxury self-care.

Limited Edition Masterpieces: Our artisanal vessels are in limited supply, each individually created by the artist themselves. This exclusivity adds a layer of luxury and uniqueness to your collection.

The Luxury Line: Following the release of our artisanal vessels, we introduce a luxury line of high-quality candle fragrances, available in 8oz, 9oz, and 16oz sizes. This line embodies the artistic expression of the original vessels, allowing you to experience cultural beauty and tranquility in every scent.

Easy Steps to Embrace the Sakina Experience

Explore Our Collection: Dive into our selection of artisanal luxury candles and find the one that speaks to you.

Join the Tribe: Sign up to become a Tribe Member for exclusive access to new releases, member-only discounts, and insider information on our artists and their cultures.

Select Your Luxury: Choose from our limited edition vessels or our ongoing luxury line of scented candles to find your perfect match for relaxation and self-care.

Experience Tranquility: Light your Sakina Tribe candle, breathe in the curated scents, and let peace fill your space and mind. Don't forget to follow us on Social Media to learn of discounts, exclusive events, and limited offers. 

Your Gateway to Global Cultures and Luxury Self-Care

Designed for the hardworking and the culturally curious, Sakina Tribe Candles are the perfect complement to a lifestyle in pursuit of balance and enrichment. Our clientele often find themselves immersed in demanding schedules, seeking moments of peace and personal care amidst their busy lives. They are travelers at heart, lovers of culture, and connoisseurs of luxury who appreciate the finer things in life, including the art of relaxation. With a mobile-optimized shopping experience, we cater to our valued customers in the United States and France, ensuring that the journey to tranquility and cultural exploration is just a few taps away on their preferred devices.

Join Us on a Journey of Peace, Culture, and Artistry

Dive into a world where every candle ignites a story of cultural heritage, artistic expression, and the essence of tranquility. Welcome to Sakina Tribe Candles, where every flicker is a step towards peace.

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